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Therese Hafley-Training Coordinator, Office Manager

Therese, our Training Coordinator and Office Manager in the Houston office, is Subsea Solutions first point of contact with students registering for courses.

Homer Stewart-Training Manager

Training Manager Homer joined Subsea Solutions in 2011, as a training instructor, bringing three decades of hand-on operations and training experience spanning upstream and downstream field operations, systems design, and control applications. Homer’s passion for training students fuels his all hands on deck approach in Creating a Significant Learning Environment for first his team, and then for students. He intentionally, methodically models matriculating through being a facilitator, coach, and mentor in promoting all to have a Choice in taking Ownership and expressing their Voice in experiencing Authentic learning.

Homer holds a degree Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology and is a certified teacher with the state of Texas. Additionally, he has industry experience in systems programming (Assembly, Fortran, C, C++, HTML; control systems design (Production Downstream, Midstream/Upstream BOP Drilling Safety, HPU, and Ballast Control Systems); taken the time to prep industry’s next generation successors by teaching high school years 9-12 (Department Chair, Electronic Engineering Academy, FISD); has taught in Houston Community College (Program Lead & SME, Process Technology).

Ryan Buck-Graphics Artist, Animator

Ryan Buck works as a Graphic Designer and Animator for Subsea Solutions and has been a part of the team since 2013. His 2D and 3D graphics and animations ensure students are given clear and illustrative descriptors that helping them to understand the subject content.

Ryan’s growth mindset earned him the team member’s role responsibility for project implementing of the design of the Subsea Solutions online learning portal. He has prior work experience as a graphic artist in a variety of industries for 20 years.

Ryan is exceptional at paying attention to details, and his translation of and from field operations’ storyboarding to in-class room 2D/3D simulations “show & tell” typifies Subsea Solutions niche brand in training.