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BOP and Regulatory Compliance Audits

Well-Control and Drilling Equipment Inspections

Our history and experience runs deep with 30 CFR 250 Subpart G Standards and Regulations.

SUBSEA SOLUTIONS' well-control equipment inspection and audit processes are conducted according to criteria derived from operational standards, classification societies, regulatory compliance requirements, standard practices, manufacturer technical documents, bulletins, and operation and maintenance manuals.


SUBSEA SOLUTIONS' commitment is to quality and technical excellence, and to providing the best evaluation of the equipment and its suitability for purpose. Our surveyors are trained to apply a “fine-tooth comb” approach, looking for issues that may cause equipment downtime.

We are a provider of independent third-party equipment reviews.

We provide well-control equipment audits and inspections in the following areas:

  • Conventional, MUX, and Intervention Well-Control Equipment
  • Review of Maintenance Procedures and Record-Keeping
  • Failure Reporting Analysis of Troubleshooting and Downtime History
  • BSEE Letters of Verification
  • Statements of Fact
  • Review of Spare Parts, Inventory, and Storage
  • Verification of Control System and Installation Drawings
  • Commissioning of New Equipment and New Rig Builds
  • Verification of Equipment Certification and Documentation
  • Shear Calculations (30 CFR 250)
  • Between-Well Verifications (30 CFR 250)
  • Wet Verifications (Well Hops)
  • Design Verifications
  • Annual Mechanical Integrity Assessments Reports
  • Vendor Surveillance

BOP Verifications

Subsea Solutions' experience extends around the globe. Our staff includes a full-time PE and a number of technical lead subject matter experts. Our BOP verifications and surveys have included working on the following:

  • BP/Ensco DS-4
  • Anadarko/Rowan Resolute
  • Ensco/Ensco 8502
  • Hess/Stena Forth
  • Helix/H534
  • LLOG/Sevan Louisiana
  • Apache/Ensco 8505
  • Apache/Ocean Onyx
  • and many others... Contact us for more information.

BOP Commissioning Experience

  • Seadril West Capella
  • Odfjell Deepsea Atlantic
  • Odfjell Deepsea Stavenger
  • Petrobrass 10000
  • Saipem 12000
  • Seadrill West Gemini
  • COSL Pioneer
  • Seadrill West Champion
  • Seadrill West Capella
  • Deepwater Millennium

Equipment Documentation

Following our process of inspection, our customer will receive a complete and detailed report generated by the surveyor on-site. Our surveyor will work hand-in-hand to clarify, attune, and create the necessary awareness for each problem encountered on the regulatory checklist. Safety is our priority, and we will comply with it at all times. Our partnership with our clients goes beyond the paperwork and reaches out to all involved in the safety process of inspecting blowout preventers.

Make sure your teams are ready and prepared with the critical knowledge needed to keep your BOP system in compliance. We can train your team on knowing what to look for during an inspection. Subsea Solutions designs our training courses with oil and gas operating companies and drilling contractors in mind. Drawing upon our 27+ years of experience in BOP and well-control equipment audits, maintenance and testing, we recommend the BOP MUX Control Systems course. A value added course that ensures your employee connects and correlates operation functionality with API Specification 16D covering BOP control systems design.

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