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Intervention Well-Control Equipment

IRS4 Stack InterventionSUBSEA SOLUTIONS INTERVENTION conducts independent third-party verifications of intervention well-control equipment, ensuring that your equipment is properly maintained and that any modifications or upgrades to the equipment conducted after delivery have not compromised the design or operations of the system.

Using highly skilled surveyors with relevant experience, a SUBSEA SOLUTIONS INTERVENTION service for third-party verification includes:

  • Third-Party Preventive Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Document Verification
  • BSEE Third-Party Verification Letters
  • Theoretical Shear Calculations
  • Reverse Engineering for Ageing Fields (Decommissioning)
  • Engineering
  • Equipment Checklist for Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Subsea Well Intervention Consulting
  • Subsea Trees and Associated Equipment
  • Safety Evaluation of On-Site Personnel and Equipment to ensure Safety Barriers and Personnel Competency
  • Intervention Well-Control Equipment Training


Intervention2Understanding intervention equipment is vital to your operation.  Subsea Solutions Training offers a course designed to provide a solid overview of intervention well-control components and control systems. This course covers the original equipment manufacturers of intervention systems.  

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