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Subsea Schematics Course Teaches How To Read Schematic Diagrams

New Subsea Schematics Course for Oil and Gas Employees at Houston Training Center


Subsea Training Solutions announces their first quarter 2016 subsea course calendar, and it includes a new class designed specifically for oil and gas personnel.

An Introduction to Schematics Reading and Subsea BOP Controls System, this new class provides students with the knowledge base and intuitive skill sets to understand and interpret schematic diagrams accurately. Through visual animated graphic presentations, hands-on lab exercises, correlation with real-world OEMs BOP stacks and associated control systems, the course is designed for subsea engineers, site leaders, drilling superintendents, subsea trainees and assistants, and relevant personnel who deal with subsea drilling operations.

As a training provider for the oil and gas industry, Subsea Training Solutions has training centers in Houston, Texas, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with curriculums that include IADC’s RigPass®, which delivers a standardized safety orientation program for new employees; and an Introduction to Well-Control Equipment, a one-day well-control equipment primer that provides a solid overview of BOP components and control systems, ideally designed for drilling contractor personnel who are beginners and trainees.

More advanced classes for drilling contractors and operators include the Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems course. A next-step sequence extension of the introductory class, this three-day course provides a solid practical operations overview of BOP components and control systems. In addition, the BOP MUX Control Systems course is a three-day class that delivers a solid comparison and contrast overview of systems, tracking the electrical-hydraulic signal logic and fluid flow sequences from initiation at the remote panel to stack end device actuations. The course is significantly enhanced with the newest case scenarios for students’ hands-on activities to the in-class MUX simulator. 

Subsea Training Solutions’ state-of-the-art learning centers offer a modern and effective approach to learning. A unique multi-sensory approach uses a 20' wide digital-theater quality, rear-projection Cyviz Bizwall; 3D graphics; animations; and physical 3D models. Developed in-house, this stimulating learning experience is designed to capture the student's interest and to achieve maximum retention of the material presented.

About Subsea Solutions: Subsea Solutions is the leading provider of third-party well-control equipment auditing and equipment verification services. Working as a team with drilling contractors and operators, the Company assesses equipment and its fitness for purpose and safety, determine corrective action, and provide cost-effective recommendations and solutions. In addition to Subsea Training Solutions, other divisions of the company include Subsea Solutions Intervention, Drilling Rig Solutions, and 3D Printing Solutions. Subsea Solutions has provided practical solutions to well-control and drilling equipment and associated systems problems since 1990.

Subsea Training Solutions is a member of IADC and IWCF. Any current courseware can be customized to meet customer needs. Classes are open-enrollment, group classes are available, and the company offers a loyalty rewards program that lead to free classes. 

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