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Subsea Solutions conducts BOP audit work for BP on the Maersk Discoverer

Subsea Solutions audit work aids in keeping BOP project ahead of schedule.

As reported by Offshore Magazine:

Offshore staff

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – While its Maersk Discoverer was at work for BP earlier this year, Maersk Drilling has laid claim to the deepest well drilled in Egypt
and the longest drilled in the Mediterranean Sea.

Maersk Drilling said that its sixth-generation semisubmersible completed the latest well in the North Damietta Offshore Concession in the East Nile Delta , Atoll-1, on May 5, two months ahead of schedule. It discovered 50 m (164 ft) of gas pay in high-quality Oligocene sandstones while setting multiple regional records.

In March, BP said that the Maersk Discoverer reached 6,400-m (20,997 ft) depth while drilling Atoll-1, which is located about 80 km (almost 50 mi) north of Damietta in water depths of 923 m (3,028 ft).

Maersk Drilling said today that the well was drilled in a total of 234 days, 62 days ahead of BP’s target.
Allan McColl. Maersk Drilling rig leader, said that the company maintained “a structured approach to applying lessons learned from the previous wells, Geb
and Salamat.”

McColl noted that the company used observation studies to optimize operational performance as a key driver in continuously improving the operational procedures. An example of this was how an auxiliary well center was used as a “test bed” to break the bottomhole assembly handling process into steps.

Additionally, Maersk Drilling said that maintenance of the BOP prior to the Atoll well, and the involvement of BP and Maersk Drilling’s Technical Authority teams enabled the team to keep the BOP functioning on the wellhead for 201 days.

BP has 100% equity in the discovery. 

Subsea Solutions Auditing

SUBSEA SOLUTIONS' well-control equipment inspection and audit processes are conducted according to criteria derived from operational standards, classification societies, regulatory compliance requirements, standard practices, manufacturer technical documents, bulletins, and operation and maintenance manuals.

SUBSEA SOLUTIONS' commitment is to quality and technical excellence, and to providing the best evaluation of the equipment and its suitability for purpose.
Our surveyors are trained to apply a “fine-tooth comb” approach, looking for issues that may cause equipment downtime. 

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