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Subsea Surveyors

annular BOP4webSUBSEA SOLUTIONS provides experienced subsea surveyors and technicians to support conventional and MUX BOP well-control systems, as well as intervention well-control equipment. With office locations in Aberdeen, Rio de Janeiro, and Houston, we can support your global operations.

Our services include:

  • Third-Party Audits of Well-Control Equipment and Intervention Well-Control Equipment
  • Subsea Technicians for End-of-Well (EOW) Maintenance and Shipyard Work
  • Project Management of Equipment Modifications and Upgrades
  • Review of Well-Control Equipment Certification and Maintenance Plans
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Studies
  • Senior Subsea Technicians for Mentoring and Training of Junior Personnel
  • Shop Surveillance, Client Acceptance Testing, Factory Acceptance Testing, System Integration Testing, and Commissioning of New Equipment and New Rig Builds
SUBSEA SOLUTIONS can assist with on-site and off-site monitoring of repairs and modifications to your conventional / MUX BOP control systems and intervention well-control equipment.

Installation and Commissioning

SUBSEA SOLUTIONS is vigilant throughout the entire duration of the installation and commissioning process. We are present during the construction of the rig, and we help in every way possible to expedite the process of getting the rig out of the shipyard. We ensure that every test and spec is met with great scrutiny and done properly. SUBSEA SOLUTIONS professionals are actually present in the shop during construction and build. We follow any project through from the beginning until past completion. From installation to ship trials, and even to the point of having a permanent presence on board the rig, SUBSEA SOLUTIONS ensures the least possible amount of downtime.

Vendor Surveillance

As an industry leader with more than 26 years of experience in third-party verification, Subsea Solutions’ mission is to support our customers with the same level of expertise and quality across all our disciplines.

Subsea Solutions Vendor Surveillance program provides you with our industry-recognized expertise, from the start of the development process to managing all levels of the assembly, inspection, and testing of new and refurbished subsea equipment, right on your shop floor. On-site surveillance is also performed during the construction phase of engineered projects.

The Vendor Surveillance program offers our customers an unmatched confidence, as they can be sure that every step of their process was fully documented and overseen by industry leading professionals. Services include an inspection by qualified personnel to verify that selected vendors properly implement customer specifications and procedures during the manufacture, inspection, and testing of engineered materials and equipment. Industry-recognized documentation is provided at the completion of each project as proof that the procedural guidelines have been followed during the entire process.