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Courses Offered

SUBSEA SOLUTIONS has developed a curriculum to support a career path in the oil and gas industry. Our IADC-accredited courses provide you with the technical skills and fundamentals you need to know to advance your knowledge of subsea well-control equipment. Our courses are designed for operating company and drilling contractor personnel of all experience and skill levels, and subsea and drilling engineers seeking additional professional development. Please visit our Training Calendar for class dates and on-line registration.

We offer the following courses:

SUBSEA 100 Introduction to Well-Control Equipment

This IADC-accredited course is a one-day well-control equipment primer that provides students with the history and anatomy of onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Different types of drilling rigs are covered and students receive a solid overview of BOP components and control systems. A hands on experience, students have the opportunity to test their knowledge, skills, and abilities by assembling a subsea BOP stack made from our in-house printed 3D models. This course is ideally suited for anyone entering the oil and gas industry, personnel changing roles or looking to improve their knowledge of well-control equipment. Continuing Education Units (CEU)  0.8 / Professional Development Hours (PDH) 8.0

SUBSEA 101 Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems for Drilling Contractors

A next-step sequence extension of our Subsea 100 class, this three-day IADC-accredited course provides a solid practical operations overview of BOP components and control systems and an in-depth review of the various original equipment manufacturers. This class is designed for drilling contractor personnel with rig experience. Continuing Education Units (CEU)  2.4 / Professional Development Hours (PDH) 24

SUBSEA 101 Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems for Operators

A three-day IADC-accredited course on well-control equipment and subsea systems, covering BOP components and control systems. Tailored to operator personnel, this course addresses the concerns and issues personnel experience when looking to resolve the theoretical operations of the equipment. This course strives to promote and enhance the relationship between operators and drilling contractors. Continuing Education Units (CEU)  2.4 / Professional Development Hours (PDH) 24

SUBSEA 102 BOP MUX Control Systems

A three-day IADC-accredited course that provides a solid comparison and contrast overview of systems, tracking
the electrical-hydraulic signal logic and fluid flow sequences from initiation at the remote panel to stack end device actuations.  Prerequisite: Subsea 101 and some electronics-electrical background. Continuing Education Units (CEU)  2.4 / Professional Development Hours (PDH) 24

SUBSEA 103 API Awareness

This course is for anyone interested in knowing the standards and specifications of subsea well-control equipment as they apply to the American Petroleum Institute (API). This two-day course provides an excellent walk-through on BOP Stack Components and Control Systems and which API Standard, Specification, and Recommended Practice is applied to the equipment. It is recommended that the student have knowledge of subsea well-control equipment and control systems, or have taken Subsea 101 Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems for Drilling Contractors and Operators. Continuing  Educations Unites (CEU) 1.6 / Professional Development Hours (PDH) 16. This course is available in Houston, and upon request in Brazil or Aberdeen.  

SUBSEA 104 Subsea Well-Control Math Theory and Calculations

A one-day course that provides an overview and understanding of subsea math and calculations relating to the operations of subsea well-control equipment. This course is combined with SUBSEA 105 Schematics Reading and Subsea BOP Controls. Topics covered include the Science of Metrology, Measurements, Calculations for Hydrostatic Pressure, Accumulator Volumes, Riser Tensions, and more. Student math exercises are provided. Continuing Education Units (CEU) 1.6/ Professional Development Hours (PDH) 16

SUBSEA 105 Schematics Reading and Subsea BOP Controls

A three-day course on subsea schematics and interpretation of subsea schematic diagrams related to BOP stack operations for enhanced and effective troubleshooting and maintenance skills. Students learn through visual animated graphic presentations, hands-on lab exercises, and correlation with relevant real world OEM BOP stack and associated control systems. Continuing Education Units (CEU) 2.4 / Professional Development Hours (PDH) 24

SUBSEA 108 Introduction to Well Intervention Control Systems

A three-day course providing a thorough overview of intervention well-control equipment, control systems, and associated components. Continuing Education Units (CEU) 2.4 / Professional Development Hours (PDH) 24


Earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuing Education Units (CEU)

Earn Credit Hours through Subsea Solutions Training. Our courses qualify for PDH and CEU credits. Whether you are fulfilling licensing requirements or taking a course for professional development, upon completion you will earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) or  Continuing Education Units (CEU) for your time. 

Loyalty Rewards Program

Subsea Solutions is pleased to offer a program that gives back to our customers. Companies can earn Loyalty Rewards points by sending employees to training at the Subsea Solutions Training Center in Houston and use those points towards future classes. Ask our training coordinator for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Subsea 101 for drilling contractors and Subsea 101 for operators?

The course material and content are the same. However, the nature of the questions and discussions generated between the groups tends to vary significantly, each consistent with rig personnel being directly involved with the equipment versus well-site personnel functioning in a supervisory role / capacity. The course goals and objectives remain the same for both audiences.

In addition, we offer Subsea 100 the day preceding Subsea 101 for drilling contractors. This is an optional well-control equipment primer recommended for beginners and trainees dealing with subsea drilling operations.

How do I know which course will best meet my needs?

It depends on certain key deciding factors that are discussed and articulated with / to the prospective participant; including relevant experience and knowledge base currently within the subsea well-control equipment industry. Please contact us for further details.

Will I receive a certification after completing any of your courses?

Students receive a IADC-accredited Certificate of Completion for the Subsea 100, Subsea 101, and Subsea 102 courses that we offer. This means that our course materials, instructors, and training delivery facilities have been vetted, audited, approved, and validated by the IADC in regard to our experience and competence to effectively deliver the training. In addition, all new courses will follow the same paradigm protocol in being accredited by IADC.

How much do your courses cost? Do you provide a discount for students or military personnel?

IADC RigPass® costs US$185 with lunch, or US$175 without lunch. Subsea 100 costs US$1,000. Both are one-day courses that are available to the general public.

For specific pricing on our more advanced courses, please contact us.  We do not provide a discount for students or military personnel.

How does your Loyalty Rewards Program work?

Earn Loyalty Rewards points by sending employees to training at the Subsea Solutions Training Center in Houston, and use those points toward future classes. Contact us to learn more about our Loyalty Rewards Program and options for applying credits to group training.

Do you have a trainee program? Will I have an opportunity for employment after completing this course, or will you provide job placement assistance?

We do not offer a trainee program. We also cannot and do not guarantee employment after the completion of any of our courses, nor do we provide job placement assistance.

Will you provide a work visa to travel to the United States if I register for any of your courses?

We can provide a Letter of Invitation after you have registered and paid for your course in full, which you can present to your embassy to obtain a visa. However, we do not provide sponsorship for a visa.

Do you provide private or custom courses for individual companies or groups?

Group classes are available by request for groups of six or more, and we can customize our courses to create a tailored training package that fits your needs. Please contact us for further information.

Is breakfast or lunch provided to students?

Breakfast and lunch are included in the course fee, provided by an on-site deli.


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  • Members of International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)
  • Accredited IADC Courses and Training Provider (DIT)
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Trade Shows and Events

  • API Exploration & Production Standards Meetings 2018
  • Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, April 30 - May 3 2018
  • Deepwater Intervention Forum, Galveston, August 7 - 9 2018
  • IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas, Galveston, August 2018
  • Oil and Gas UK ShareFair, Aberdeen, November 2018